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Cisco devices have three distinct operating environments or modes, they are?
ROM monitor, Boot ROM, Cisco IOS
At startup a Cisco router normally loads into
After loading into RAM a Cisco Router executes one of these operating systems
ROM monitor, Boot ROM, or Cisco IOS
A system administrator can use the configuration register setting to
Control the default startup mode for a router
The ROM monitor performs the bootstrap process and provides
low-level functionality and diagnostics
The bootsrap process is performed by
ROM monitor is used to
Recover from system failure and to recover a lost password.
ROM monitor can only be accessed by way of a
direct physical connection through the console port
When the router is running in boot ROM mode what features are available
only a limited subset of the Cisco IOs features
Boot ROM allows
write operations to flash memory
Boot ROM is used primarily to
Replace the Cisco IOS image in flash
In boot ROM, which command copies the IOS image into the flash memory
tftp flash
Most Cisco routers require a copy of the IOS to be loaded into
RAM and executed from there
Some IOS images are stored in flash in a compressed format and have to be
Expanded when copied to RAM
To see the IOS image and the version that is running use
The show version command
In addition to the IOS the show version command also shows
The configuration register setting
The show flash command is used to verify that the system has
Sufficient memory to load a new Cisco IOS image