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The three Cisco IOS devices operating environments are
ROM monitor, Boot ROM, Cisco IOS
ROM monitor is used to recover from
System failures
To recover a lost password use
ROM monitor
Boot ROM is used to
Modify the Cisco IOS image in flash
Normal operation of a router requires
The full Cisco IOS image
c1700, c2500, c2700
Platform on which the image runs
b, boot, c. drag, g
Special fieatures supported in the image
f, m, r, i, z, x, w
Where the image runs and whether it has been zipped or compressed
One of the main considerations when selecting a new IOS image is
compatibility with the router flash and RAM memory
To check the current image and available flash on the Cisco device use
show version command
The Cisco support site has tools available to help determine the amount of
Flash and ROM required for each image
Before installing a new Cisco IOS software image on the router, check to see if the router meets the
RAM memory and flash requirements for that image
To see the amount of RAM issue which command?
Show version
Which command is issued to find the amount of flash memory
show flash