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The user EXEC mode is often referred to as a
View-only mode
The priviledged EXEC mode provides acces to
All router commands
The privileged mode is used to access
other modes to configure the router
The Cisco CLI uses a structure that is
To configure the router interface, the user must enter
The interface configuration mode
All configurations that are enter in the interface configuration mode apply
Only to that interface
Each configuration mode is indicated with a distinctive prompt and allows only
Commands that are apporpriate for that mode
The IOS porvides a command interpreter service known as
The command exective (EXEC)
After each command is entered
The EXEC validats and executes the command
The privileged mode is also known as
The enable mode
The user EXEC mode allows only a limited
number of basic monitoring commands
User EXEC mode can be identified by
> prompt
The privileged EXEC mode provides access to
All router commands
This allows only authorized user to access the router
Password and user ID
Configuration and management commands require that the network administrator be at
The privileged EXEC level
Global configuration mode and all other more specific configuration modes can only be reached
From the privileged EXEC mode
The privileged EXEC mode can be identified by the
# prompt
To access the privileged EXEC lever from the user EXEC level you must enter
The enable coomand at the > prompt
When a question mark is entered at the privileged EXEC lever it will reveal
Many more command options than available at the user EXEC level