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The management ports are asynchronous serial ports. T or F
The network ports use network encapsulation frames while the non-network ports are
bit and byte oriented.
There is addressing involved in the serial management ports. T/F?
The serial interface for management is?
the serial WAN interface is
Not all routers have an auxiliary port. T/F
To prepare for initial startup and configuration?
attach an RS-232 ASCII terminal, or attach the rollover cable to a personal computer
After the initial configuration is entered into the router through the console or auxiliary port,
the router can be connected to the network to troubleshoot or monitor it.
The router can also be remotely configured through the configuration port across an IP network using
Telnet or by dialing to a modem connected to the console or auxiliary port
Why is console port preferred over the auxiliary port for troubleshooting.
because it displays router startup, debugging, and error messages by default
The console port can also be used when the networking services have not been started or have failed. Therefore, the console port can be used for
disaster and password recovery procedures