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consumer goods p.537
the name given to products made for personal use
installment buying p.537
the plan that allows a buyer to take home a product after only paying a part of the selling price; the buyer makes an installment payment each month.
minimum wage p. 545
the lowest pay a worker can receive by law.
rationing p. 555
limiting what can be bought or sold during a war; each citizen was given a coupon book for each kind of item that was rationed
relocation camp p. 555
camps that were like prisons where Japanese-Americans were sent during WWII
front p. 557
battle line
communism p. 561
a social and economic system in which all land and industries are owned by the government. Individuals have few rights and little freedom.
free world p. 561
the U.S. and its allies were known as the Free World in their fight against communism
cold war p. 561
fought with propaganda and money rather than soldiers and weapons.
line of latitude at 0 degrees.
Lines that run north to south, also called meridians. They measure distance East or West of the prime meridian.
Lines that run east to west, also called parallels. They measure distance North or South of the equator.
physical feature
land that is easily identifiable based on its appearance, like mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys
a feature of the earth's surface, such as plains, plateaus, mountains, hills, valleys, mountains, etc.
natural regions
one which is distinguished by its natural features of geography and usually more importantly, geology.
Examples include central plains, coastal plains and Rocky Mountains.
products to buy or sell. Examples may include rice, fish, wood, tobacco and furniture.
Harlem Renaissance
a time of new interest in the arts- music, art and writing thrived. Writers included Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston. Musicians included Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.
Allied Powers
WWI Remember FIBeR is good for US! France, Italy, Britain (also known as england), Russia and the US
trench warfare
fighting from ditches in the ground
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