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Who created me?
Where do we find in a few words what we must believe?
The Apostles Creed
Where do you learn all theses things?
1. What is God?
God is the Supreme Being an infitely perfect spireit and the creator and lord of heaven and earth.
1. Had God a beginning or will He have an end?
No; God had no beginning and can have no end. He is eternal
What do the words “ God is Faithful” mean?
The mean that god can neither deceive nor be deceived.
What must you do to please God?
Believe, hope, and love him above all things
1. What are the three divine Persons called?
First is called God the Father, the second god the son, and theird god the holy gost
How is God the Father speciallyt known to mus?
As the creator of heaven and earth
How is God the son specially known to us?
As the Redeemer of the world.
1. How is God the Holy Ghost specially know to us?
As the consloler and Sanctifier of the world.
What are the angels
angels are created being that have understandind and free will that are by nature more noble than man
In what state did Godd create the angels
God created them holy and in the state of grace
How did God punish the bad angels
They were cast from hiaven into hell.
What is the job of the good angels
theyy adore, love and serve God, and protect us.
What is the fifth article of the Creed?
He descended into hell; the third day he rose again from the dead
Which is the sixth article of the Creed?
he ascended inot heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty
What did Jesus Christ do with those who believed in Him
he united them in a body and this body of the faithful he called his church
for whom did jesus christ establish his church
for the people o f all nation of alltimes
who was the chief of the twelve apostles
apostle st. peter
who are the successors of the apostles
the pope the bishops and thepriests
who is the successor tof st. peter
the bishop of rome who is called the pope or the holy father
why is the roman catholic chruch the true churd of jesus christ
because only she has the four markis of the true church of jesus christ
what are the four marks of the true church of jesus christ
the true church of jesus christ must be one holy catholic and apostolic
what is the meaning of the word amen
the meaning is "so be it" "this i believe"
what is the second thing after faith that you must do inorder to pelase God?
I must hope in God
How must we pray?
we must pray with devotion with humility with perseverance and with confidence in the merits of jesus christ
should we pray only to god
we must also pray to the saints for their intercession with god, especially should we pray to our holy patrons and to the guardian angesl
to whom after god should we especially pray
to the blessed virgin mary, the mother of god
What is confirmation
confirmaition is a sacrament in which the bishop by laying onhis hands and anointing with holy chrism communicates to the baptized person th e holy ghost, that his faith may be strengthened
who are the ordinary and lawful minister of confirmation
only catholoic bishop
which graces do we receive in confirmation
the grace to profess our faith steadfasly and the grace to live according to it
who can receive confirmation
every baptized person
how often can confirmation be recieved
only once
What is the Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist is the true Body and the true Blood of our Lord Jesous Christ under the aperances of bread and wine
When did Jesus Christ institute the Blessed Eucharist
On Holy Thursday at the Last Supper
When did Jesus Christ institute Penance Sacrament
Afer his resurrection when he said to his apostles receive the holy ghost whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven them and whose sins you shall retain they are retained
What must we do before Confession
we must pray to the holy ghost to the blessed virgin mary and to the saints for their help
What is extreem Unction
it is a sacrament in which by the anointiong with holy oil and by the prayer of the priest the sick person in danger of death receives the grace of god for the good of the soul and often also of the body