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2 spanning tree protocol enhancements
rapid stp
multiple stp
3 spanning tree protocol features
-backbone fast
-uplink fast
technology in server farm and edge?
L3 switched
technology in distribution and backbone layer
L2/L3 switched
technology in access layer
L2 switched or shared
What functions do multicast traffics have? and list the 4 examples of them
L2 and L3
List the 4 catergories of QoS and delay sensitive traffic
-classification and marking
-congestion management
-policing and shaping
List the options in desgin that you have to consider for the Access? (7)
-# ports/users
-connectivity speed hosts/uplinks
-VLAN deployment
List the key features of distribution that you have to consider when desiging it. (7)
-always L3
-#ports to neighbhoring modules
-intelligent network services
Where does content switching lie?
server farm module
List 3 of the tradditional WAN technologies
-leased lines
-PSTN- (ISDN, analog modems, phone service)
-packet and cell switched (x.25, frame relay, SMDS, ATM)
What are the 4 components of packet switched?
-frame relay
What are the 4 emerging WAN technologies?
-long reach ethernet
what does a smaller window size mean?
-more acknowledgements
name the 3 types of queuing?
-weighted queuing
-priority queuing
-custom queuing
where does queuing occur (inboud or outbound)
traffic shaping
delays excess packets to stay within the rate limit
drops excess traffic to stay within the limit
what are on demand WAN technologies for remote access
dial up
dial on demand routing
what are always on connection for WAN technolgies for remote access
packet switching
frame relay
what are the 3 wan back up technologies?
permananet secondary WAN link
shadow pvc
which has encryption ipsec or gre?
peer to peer vpns
provider participates in vpns
enables customer to use any IP address space
no overlapping IP address space problems
is flat network heirarchial>
which supports vslm and summarization- classeless or classful?
criteria for assigning addresses to hosts- 5
-# of devices
-# require static assignment
-will IP renumbering occur?
-tracking IP addresses that are assigned
-support of additional parameters, mask, default gateways
3 options for dynamic
-automatic- assignment permanent
-dynamic- assignment is temp
how is dynamic addressing implemented?
with dns
3 transition strategies
dual stack