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Who Created Us?
God created us.
What purpose did God have in mind when He created us?
God created us to know him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this life, and then to be happy with Him forever in the next life, in heaven.
Who is God?
God is the all-perfect Being, Creator, and Lord of Heaven and Earth.
What does "all-perfect" mean?
"All-perfect" means that every perfection is found in God, without defect and without limit; in other words, it means that He is infinite power, wisdom, adn goodness.
Does God have a body as we have?
No, God does not have a body, for He is a perfectly pure spirit.
Where is God?
God is in Heaven, on earth, and in every place: He is the unlimited Being.
Has God always existed?
Yes, God always has been and always will be: He is the eternal Being.
Does God konw all things?
Yes, God knows all things, even our thoughts: He is all-knowing.
What is prayer?
Prayer is a lifting of the soul to God to konw Him better, to adore Him, to thank him, to tell Him we are sorry, and to ask Him for what we need.
Does God take care of created things?
Yes, God takes care of created things and exercises providence over them; He preserves them in existence and directs all of them toward their own proper purposes with infinite wisdom, goodness, and justice.
Can God do all things?
God can do all that He wills to do: He is the all-powerfull one.
What does "Creator" mean?
"creator" means that God made all things out of nothing.
What does "Lord" mean?
"Lord means that God is the absolute master of all things.
Can God do also something evil?
No, God cannot do evil, because He cannot will evil, for He is infinite goodness. But He tolerates evil in order to leave creatures free, and He knows how to bring good even out of evil.
What is Sin?
Sin in an offense done to God by disobeying His law.
What is original sin?
Original sin is the sin which mankind committed in Adam, its head, and which every human being receives from Adam through natural descent.
How is original sin taken away?
Original sin is taken away by Holy Baptism.