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Who initiated America’s first sea-based offensive against the British?
General George Washington
The idea of naval construction battalions was conceived by?
Bureau of Yards and Docks
Mobile Explosive Investigative Units (MEIU) were instrumental in the clearance of explosive hazards both on land and at sea. What were they later renamed?
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Units.
March 5, 1942
Permission to use the word Seabee
May 1942
Battle of Coral Sea
Faught entirely with aircraft while the ships never saw each other, saved Australia from invasion.
US Ships: Lexington, Yorktown. Under command of Admiral Fletcher
Losses: Lexington, oiler, and escort
June 6, 1944
D Day: invasion of Normandy
Largest Amphibious assault.
June 4-7, 1942
Battle of Midway
Turning point of war in Pacific, directed by Admiral Nimitz
Thwarted by superior comms and intel
Lost Yorktown.
When was EOD established?
First volunteers worked with Brits UXO teams in 1940.
Vets formed first class in June '41 called Mine Recovery School.
Divided into MEIU-Mobile Explosive Investigative Units
How many EOD classes graduated from June 1941-Oct 1945?
What are the missions of NCW?
Primary: Emploed for Expeditionary Operations
Secondary: Support the coast guard with homeland security and DOD w/ homeland defense
What is the concept of Riverine Operations?
-Effort to achieve/maintain control of riverine, coastal, or delta areas.
-Establish and maintain LOC's
-Locate and Destroy
What is the definition of a riverine area?
Inland, coastal, or delta area comprising both land and water, characterized by lines of communication
What is an advantage of a Mobile Riverine Force (MRF)?
Ability to concentrate a mix of forces effective for operations in the riverine area, including the ability to attack selected targets throughout the riverine area.
What are some things that will effect the employment of the MRF?
Shallow water, Large Tidal Range, Currents, Narrow Waterways, obstacles, bridges, concentration of population