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Chemical, Biological, Radiological
What do you when a CBR attack occurs?
Save your life and pass the word
How do you tell if an attack has occurred?
natural biological life forms.
What should you put the M9 paper?
put it on your leg so your partner can tell.
What information is contained on NATO signs?
-DTG chemical hit
-what type of agent
-who detected
where (grid coordinates)
What does JLIST stand for?
Joint, Service, Lightweight, Integrated, Suit, Technology
What does MOPP stand for?
What decon it is used for vehicles?
What decon kit is used for personnel?
What decon kit is used to test water?
Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
Reaction to any chemical attack
1) stop breathing
2) close eyes
3) Don mask
4) Give alarm
5) Help others
Nerve Agent Antidote Kit
What does the NAAK contain?
-1 atropine
-1-2pam chloride
What is the detection equipment?
M8 paper
M9 paper
M88 Kit
What does the M88 kit consist of?
detects vapor and blister
-contains M22 detector, 5 M42 alarms, m28 external power supply
Describe the M22 detector kit?
-place 300m from detector to detector
-place detector 150m upwind from FLOT
Describe the M272A1
detects nerve, blister, blood in water, contains 25 tests per kit
Describe the M256A1
detects vapor nerve, blister, blood, contains 12 tests per kit
Describe the M9 paper
-liquid only
red=poistive nerve& blister only
- can be used on equipment
-use gloves when handling
Describe the M8 paper
liquid only
Red= positive blister
Yellow/Green= nerve
Do the Seabees have a way to detect biological agents?
6 types of Chemical agents
Military compound
Describe a military compound
temporary irritating effect
Types-Admsite, CS,CN gas
Describe Incapacitating agent
alters and disrupts the central nervous system.
Stimulates-flood bran with too much info
Describe Nerve agent
attacks he nervous system by reacting w/enzyme
-pinpointed pupils, nausea, drooling,muscle twitching
-M8/M9 paper, M22, M256
Describe Chocking agent
constricts regular breathing
-headache, shallow breathing, foaming of the mouth
smells like mown hay or green corn
-detected by ICAD
Describe Blood agent
prevents normal transfer of O2 to the body resulting in cell suffocation
-convulsions, coughing, tightness of chest
-smells of almonds
-detected by M256, ICAD
Describe blister agent
causes inflammation, blistering, destruction of tissue
-bloodshot eyes, blister, burns in moist areas
-smells like garlic
-M256, M8/M9 paper, M22
radiation blasts
high altitude- EMP, Black out
Low altitude- Max Blast, Thermal Effect
Surface- Max casualty, Fallout
Sub-surface- Max Seismic dmage
What are three types of radiation?
Alfa- cannot penetrate clothing, ranges 0-3 off the ground
Beta-internal & external hazard, nuclear fallout
Gamma- nothing stops
Describe the Decontamination Kits
M-291-skin decontamination
M-295-Equipment Decontamination
M-17-PDDA (Power Driven Decon Appararus)-pump, tank, shower
What are the leves of decontamination?
Immediate-Skin decon, Operator spray down
Operational-removal of gross contaminates, MOPP gear exchange
Through-detail troop and equipment decon
What is the gas mask?
I shter any protection from ammonia r Carbon monoxide?
What are the 5 levels of MOPP?
0-All gear, equipment carried
1-Over garment worn
2-Boots worn
3-Mask worn
4-Hood and Gloves worn
Describe the JSLIST?
120 days unsealed
-24 hours in contaminated area
-6 washes
What are the 8 station for DTD
1. Individual gear decon
2. Over boot and hood decon
3. Over garment removal
4. Over boot and glove removal
5. Monitor
6. Mask removal
7. Mask decon point
8. Re-Issue gear point
What does DTD stand for?
Detailed Troop Decontamination
Describe Individual gear decon
-removes contamination to a negligible risk level from gear. (782 gear)
Describe the DS2 application station
-to apply decontaminant to the entire vehicle.
-uses a mop
Describe the Contact and Interior
(Liquid Control Line)
Describe the rinse station
-to remove the DS2 from the vehicle.
Describe the Check station
-to check the completness.