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What is the Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) composed of?
Dedicated staff corps Officers who are specialists in the field of civil engineering.
When did Congress establish the "Bureau" system?
When were the first construction units organized?
Early January 1942
How did the Seabees get their name?
Derived from the first construction units, or construction battalions (CB's) as they were called.
When was permission granted to officially use the "Seabee" name?
What is the Seabee's official motto?
Construimus-Batuimus or We Build - We Fight
What was by far the largest and most impressive peacetime project and the largest single construction job ever tackled by the Seabees?
The construction of Cubi Point Naval Air Station in the PI.
When did the first Seabee battalion arrive at Vietnam to build an expeditionary airfield for the Marines at Chu Lai?
When fully outfitted, NMCBs are self-sufficient units for how many days?
90 days
Who are the 4 basic members of a fire team?
Team leader, Automatic rifleman, R1 & R2.
Who is considered the backbone of the fire team?
Automatic rifleman.
What persons are known as combatants?
All persons in uniform, carrying a weapon or participating in any military operations or activities.
Who are non combatants?
Civilians, Medical personnel & Chaplains.
What are the 6 S's when dealing with POW's?
Search, Secure, Silence, Segregate, Safeguard & Speed the prisoner to the rear.
What is acceptable work performed by captives limited to?
Digging foxholes or build bunkers only for their own protection.
Before World War II, the bulk
of Navy construction work was
accomplished by which of the
following personnel?
1. Seabee
2. Naval
3. Army
4. Contractor
The underscored parts of what words
gave rise to the name, Seabees?
1. Seagoing Ba t t a l i o n
2. Construction Battalion
3. Carpenter, B uilder
4. Steelworker, Engineering Aid,
During World War II, regular Navy
ratings were used by the Seabees.
The Seabees were set apart from
their fleet counterparts by what
distinguishing feature?
1. By uniform
2. By hat insignia
3. By shoulder patch
4. By service number
In the event the squad leader
becomes a casualty, which of the
following individuals takes control
of the squad?
1. The grenadier
2. The senior fire team leader
3. The senior automatic rifleman
4. The platoon right guide