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what are Charles I's Dates?
what things in Charles Personality, and beliefs were a cause to the Civil War?
His arrogance,he believed in the 'divine right' and so he believed he could do whatever he wanted.(Parliament did'nt agree!)
When and What was mainly argued about in the first few years with Parliament?
1625-29 money and religion.
when did Charles disband parliament?
1629-1640 Eleven Years of Tyranny
how did Charles raise money without Parliament?
sold titles to the rich.
made people pay Ship money (Navy)
Why was the war with Scotland a cause of th civil war?
Charles wasted alot of money so he had to recal Parliament. They responed by making acts which restricted the monarchy (increased resentment)
What were some of the things each side did right before the civil war that increased resentment?
Arrest of 5 members.
Militia Bill.
Grand Remonstrance.