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-# 1 cause of the civil war

-love of your state, region, or section before your country
north turns towards---------
-industry(factories, mills)
characteristics of north
-short growing season(climate)
-rocky soil(glaciers)
-fast flowing rivers to be used for water power
south stayed with--------
characteristics of south
-long growing season
-fertile soul because no rocks(glaciers didn't go into the south)
Issues that the north and south differed upon
-tariffs(tax on imports)-this helped industry and hurt consumers-so norths likes tariffs, while southerners dislike them
-power of the government- north belived that the federal or national gov. should be the strongest while southerners belived in states rights- states have more power than the federal gov.
-slavery-abolitionists- those who wished to end slavery
Harriet Tubman(abolitionist)
-moses of her people
-led over 300 to freedom along the underground railroad
John Brown(abolitionist)
-radical abolitionist who felt he was god's messenger to end slavery, violently if necessary
-he raided an arsenal(gym warehouse) at harpers ferry, virgina. it failed, he was hung
abe lincoln(not an abolitionist)
republican and the republican party was opposed to slavery. when lincoln won the presidency in 1860, the south(fearing he would abolish slavery) seceded(left the union) 1st state to secede-south carolina
code words for north
federal troops
stars and stripes
abe lincoln
preserve union
code words for the south
stars and bars
richmond, virgina
jefferson davis
be allowed to secede
union plan to defeat south was code named---
anaconda was 4 part plan
1. blockade the atlantic ocean and gulf of mexico. no cotton to europe and no guns from europe
2. Sever/cut the confederacy in half at the missisipi river
- ulysses grant N and
david farragut N
3. sever the eastern confederacy in half again from tenessee to georgia
4. capture the capital of the confederacy-richmond virgina