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probus, adj.
good, honest, upright
idem, eadem, idem
same, also, likewise
superlative of multus -- very many
ruber, ri, adj.
plumbum,i, nt.
lead, bullet, pipe
caper, ri, m.
goat, odor of the armpits
scurra, ae, m.
scitus, adj.
clever, shrewd, skilled, witty
facetiae, arum, fpl.
wit, humor
rus, ruris, nt.
the country, countryside
umquam, adv.
ever, at any time
gaudeo, ere, gavisus
to rejoice, delight
miror, ari, atus
to wonder at, admire
fallo, lere, fefelli, sum
to deceive, cheat
nimirum, adv.
certainly, of course
nimis, adv.
too much, very much
mantica, ae, f.
tergum, i, nt.
back, rear, ridge
dorsum, i, nt.
back, mountain ridge
attingo, ingere, igi, actum
to touch, strike
tango, tetigi, tactum
to touch, handle