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otium, i,/ii, nt.
leisure, time
odium, i/ii, nt.
hatred, dislike
repente, adv.
scortum, i, nt.
harlot, prostitute
"chippy, little bimbo"
incido, dere, di, sum
to cut open, cut up, interrupt
sermo, onis, m.
conversation, talk
prosum, dess, fui
to be useful, to benefit
aes, aeris, nt.
copper, bronze, money
unctus, adj.
oilded, greasy, rich
praesertum, i, nt.
ointment, perfume
nascor, sci, tus
to be born, originate
illic, adv.
there, yonder, in that matter
comparo, are, avi, atum
to couple together, provide, establish
cinaedus, i, m.
sodomite, lewd dancer
frango, angere, egi, actum
to break, shatter
inquam (irreg, defec)
to say
sodalis, is, m/f.
companion, friend
utrum . . .an, adv.
utor, uti, usus
to sue, employ, posses, enjoy
insulsus, adj.
tasteless, absurd, dull
licet, ere, uit/itum est
it is permitted, lawful