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quaero, rere, sivi/sii, situm
to seek,earn, to think out, ask
quot, adj
how many, as many as, every
harena, ae, f.
sand, desert, seashore
iaceo, ere, ui
to lie, be in, lie dead
aestuo, are, avi, atum
to boil, burn, to be excited
aestus, us, m.
heat, passion
vetus, veteris, adj.
old, former, the ancients, antiquity, tradition
sidus, eris, nt.
constellation, star, season, destiny, sky, fame, glory
taceo, ere, ui, itum
to be silent, be still, hushed
vesanus, adj.
mad, insane, furious, raging
fascino, are
to bewitch (esp. w/an evil eye)
lingua, ae, f.
tonge, speech, language