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vivo, vere, xi, ctum
to live, to enjoy life
aestimo, are, avi, atum
to value
as, assis, m.
bronze coin, of low value, the whole
basio, are
to kiss
basium, i/ii, nt.
centum (num)
one hundred
deinde, dein, adv.
from there, next, thereafter
dormio, ire, ivi, itum
to sleep, be asleep
invideo, idere, idi, isum
to cast an evil eye on, envy, grudge
ne quis, ne quid
anyone, anything
occido, idere, idi, asum
to fall, die, be ruined
semel, adv
once, first
sol, solis, m.
sun, sunlight, heat
turba, ae, f.
disorder, riot, quarrel
turbo, are, avi, atum
to disturb, throw into confusion