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passer, -is, m.
noun - sparrow
deliciae, -arum, fpl.
noun - delight, pleasure, sweetheart, darling
puella, puellae, f.
noun - girl, sweetheart, young wife
conj - with whom, with which
ludo, -dere, -si, -sum
verb - t play, frolic, make love
sinus, -us, m.
noun - curve, fold, bosom
teneo, -ere, -ui
verb - to hold, keep
pronoun - whose
adv - first, for the first time
digitus, -i, m.
noun - finger
appeto, -ere, -ivi, -itum
verb - to grasp, desire
acer, acris, acre
adj - sharp, eager, fierce
soleo, -ere, -itus
verb - to be accustomed, in the habit
incito, -are, -avi, -atum
verb - to urge, rouse, excite
marsus, -us, m.
noun - bite, grip
mordeo, -dere, momordi, -sum
verb - to bite, grip, nip
desiderium, -i, nt.
noun - longing, want
nitor, -ti, -sus/xus
verb - to rest on, to press, stand firmly, exert oneself
adj - dear, beloved
nescio, -ire, -ivi, -itum
verb - to not know, to be unable
libet (lubet), -ere, -uit, -itum est
verb - it pleases
iocor, -ari, -atus
verb - to joke, jest
solacium, -i, nt.
comfort, consolation, relief
cf. solaciolum, -i, nt.
noun - grain of comfort
pronoun - himself, herself, itself
dolor, -oris, m.
noun - pain, sorrow
credo, -ere, -idi, -itum
verb - to entrust, believe, think, suppose
adj - heavy, painful, dignified, pregnant
ardor, -oris, m.
noun - heat, passion
acquiesco, -escere, -evi, -etum
verb - to find pleasure
te cum
with you
sicut, sicuti
adv - just as, like
adj - sad, glum, melancholy
levo, - are
verb - to smooth, polish