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passer, passeris (m.)
dēliciae, deliciārum (
delight, pleasure; whimsicalities, sport; (person) sweetheart, darling
lūdō, lūdere, lūsī, lūsum
(vi) to play; to sport, frolic; to dally, make love <> (vt) to lay at; to amuse oneself with; to mimic, imitate; to ridicule, mock; to delude
sinus, sinūs (m)
curve, fold; net; bay, gulf, valley; curl; sail; fold, pocket, purse; bosom; protection, love, heart, hiding place
appetō, appetere, appetīvī, appetītum
to grasp, try to get at; to attack; to desire: (vi) to approach
ācer, ācris, ācre
sharp; keen, pungent; violent; shrewd; eager, brave; hasty fierce; severe
morsus, morsūs (m)
bite; grip; sting, vexation
8. mordeo, mordēre, momordī, momorsum
bite, (cold) to nip, (words) to sting, hurt, mortify
dēsīderium, dēsīder(i)ī (nt)
longing, sense of loss; want, petition
nītor, nītī, nīsus and nīxus
to rest on, lean on; to press, stand firmly; to press forward, climb; to exert oneself, strive, labour; to depend upon
cārus, cāra, carum
dear, costly; dear, beloved
iocor, , iocārī, iocārātus
to joke, jest
sōlācium, sōlāciī (nt)
comfort, consolation
dolor, dolōris (m)
a grain of comfort
dolor, dolōris (m)
pain, pang; sorrow, trouble; indignation, resentment; (Rhet) pathos
a. cf. dolus, dolī (m) deceit, guile, trick
ārdor, ārdōris (m)
heat, brightness; (fig) ardour, passion
acquiēscō, acquiēscere, acquiēscēvī, acquiēscētum
to rest, die; to find pleasure (in); to acquiesce
sīcut, sīcutī
just as, in fact; like, as; as for instance; as if
levō, levāre, levavī, levatum
to lighten, to ease; (fig) to alleviate, lessen; to comfort, relieve; to impair; (danger) to avert OR lēvō, lēvāre, lēvavī, lēvatum – to smooth, polish
pernix, pernicis
nimble, swift, agile
perniciēs, perniciēī (f)
destruction, ruin, death