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desino, desinere, desivi, desitus
to giveup, abandon, finsh with; to stop, come to a stop
ineptio, ineptire, ineptivi, ineptus
to be absurd, make a fool of oneself
pereo, perire, perii, peritum
to pass away, pass on, die; to go to waste, perish, be destroyed
once, at one time, formerly; at times, once in a while; someday, one day
fulgeo, fulgere, fulsi
to gleam, flash, blaze, shine, glare; to be conspicuous, be illustrious
fio, fieri, factus sum
to come into being, arise; to be made; to be done; to become, get
sector, sectari, sectatus sum
to keep following, follow eagerly, run after; to hunt
obduro, obdurare, obduravi, obduratum
to sitck it out; to harden
requiro, requirere, requisivi, requisitus
to look for, search for, hunt for; to miss; to ask
invitus, a, um
reluctant, unwilling, against one's will
doleo, dolere, dolui, dolitus
to give pain to, hurt; to feel pain; to hurt, be sore, ache
adeo, adere, adii, aditus
to approach; to attack; to consult; to visit; to undertake
labellum, labelli
n. lip