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foedus, foederis N
treaty, agreement, contract; league; alliance
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsus
deceive; slip by; disappoint; be mistaken, beguile, drive away; fail; cheat
numen, numinis N
divine will, divinity; god
abutor, abuti, abusus sum
waste, squander; abuse; misuse; use up; spend; exhaust; misapply (word); curse
aetas, aetatis, F
lifetime, age, generation; period; stage, period of life, time, era
gaudium, gaudi(i) N
joy, delight, gladness; source/cause of joy; physical/sensual delight;
everlasting blessedness; gaud/gaudy
excrucio, excruciare, excruciavi, excruciatus
torture, torment
istinc ADV
from (over) there, thence; from where you are; on the other side; from here
invitus, invita, invitum ADJ
reluctant; unwilling; against one's will
salus, salutis F
health; prosperity; good wish; greeting; salvation, safety
misereor, misereri, misertus sum
pity, feel pity; show/have mercy/compassion/pity for (w/GEN)
umquam ADV
ever, at any time
ops, opis, F
power, might; help; influence; resources/wealth (pl.)
pernicies, perniciei, F
ruin; disaster; pest, bane; curse; destruction, calamity; mischief
i, adj; imus, super adj
nmost, deepest, bottommost, last
torpor, torporis, M
numbness, torpor, paralysis
artus, artus, M

-arm/leg/limb, joint, part of the body; frame

-close, firm, tight; thrifty
pectus, pectoris N
breast, heart; feeling, soul, mind
laetitia, laetitiae, F
joy/happiness; source of joy/delight; fertility; fruitfulness; floridity