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porro (adv)
forward, a long qay, in future, next
established, well-off, continuously
torreo, ere, ui, tostum
to parch, scorch roast
caesius, a, um
bluish gray, blue eyed
obvius, a, um
exposed, in the way, opposite, accessible
sternuo, ere, ui
to sneeze
cf sterno, ere, avi, atum
spread, cover, smooth, level, extend
approbatio, onis, f
acquiescence, proof
suavior, suaviari, atus
to kiss
servio, ire, ivi, itum
to serve, be a slave
servo, are, avi, atum
to save, keep, preserve
ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsum
to burn
proficiscor, proficisci, profectus
to set out, start, originate
malo, male, malui
to prefer
libido, libidinis, f
desire, passion, willfulness, lust