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phaselus, phaseli
m.f. light passenger ship
hospes, hopitis
m. host, entertainer; guest, visitor; friend; stranger, foreigner
ullus, a, um
nullus, a, um
not, not at all; no-existent; of no account
nato, natare, natavi, natatus
to swim, float; to flow; to overflow
impetus, impetus
m. attack, assault; rush; impetus; impetuosity, vehemence
trabs, trabis
f. beam, plank; timer; tree; object made of beams
nequeo, nequire, nequivi, nequitum
to be unable to, to be incapable of
praetereo, praeterire, praeterivi, praeteritus
to go past, pass by; to skip
minax, minacis
threatening, menacing; projecting, jutting out
linteum, lintei
n. linen; linen cloth; canvas, sail; kerchief
litus, litoris
n. seashore, beach, coast; riverbank
trux, trucis
savage, grim, fierce
iugum, iugi
n. yoke, collar; pair, team
sibilus, sibili
m. or n. hissing; whistling; rustling
to say, he says
cacumen, cacuminis
n. oint, tip, top, peak; young shoot
imbuo, imbuere, imbui, imbutus
to wet, soak; to dip; to moisten; to imbue, fill, steep
aequor, aequoris
n. level surface; plain; sea
fretum, freti
n. strait, channel; sea, the deep; waters
erus, eri
m. master of the house, head of the family; lord, owner
laevus, a, um
left, on the left side; awkward, stupid; ill-omened; lucky, propitious
dexter, dextera, dexterum
right, on the right side; handy, dexterous; lucky, propitious
uterque, utraque, utrumque
each, both
secundus, a, um
following; next, second; backing, favorable, supporting
limpidus, a, um
limpid, clear
lacus, lacus
m. vat; tank, pool, reservoir, cistern; lake
recondo, recondere, recondidi, reconditus
to put back again; to hide, conceal
gemellus, gemelli
m. twin
invideo, invidere, invidi, invisus
to envy, be jealous of
basium, basii
n. kiss
basio, basiare, basiavi, basiatus
to kiss