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ceno, cenare, cenavai, cenatus
to dine on, eat; to dine, eat dinner
at, by, near, among; at the house of; in; in the care of, in the hands of
faveo, favere, favi, fautum
to be favorable to, favor, support, side with; to be eager to
affero, afferre, attuli, allatus
to bring; to carry, convey; to report, announce
cachinnus, cachinni
m. loud laugh
aranea, araneae
f. spider; cobweb
merus, a, um
pure, unmixed, undiluted
unguentum, unguenti
n. ointment; perfume
olfacio, olfacer, olfaci, olfactus
to smell
nasus, nasi
m. nose; sense of smell; sagacity; scorn; satirical wit; spout, nozzle