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vīvō vīvere vīxī vīctum
[to live , be alive; to live well, enjoy life; to survive; to live on anything; to dwell].
senex senis compar. senior
adj. [old , aged]; subst. [an old person].
aestimō (aestumo) -āre –āvī -ātum
[to appraise , rate, estimate the value of]; 'litem', [to assess the damages in a law-suit]; in a wider sense, [to value] a thing or person; hence, in gen., [to judge].
ās assis m.
[a whole , a unit], divided into 12 parts (unciae); 'heres ex asse', [sole heir]; as a small coin, [the as]; as a weight, [a pound].
sōl sōlis m
[the sun]; poet. [a day]; personif. [the Sun god].
solum -i n
[bottom , floor, foundation; the sole of the foot, or shoe; soil, ground, earth, land, country].
solus -a -um
[alone , only, sole]; of places, [solitary, uninhabited]. N. acc. as adv. solum, [alone, only].
occidō (2) -cidere -cidī -cāsum
Hence pres. partic. occidens -entis,
[to fall , fall down]; of heavenly bodies, [to set]; of the living, [to die, perish, be ruined]. Hence pres. partic. occidens -entis, [setting]; m. as subst. (sc. sol), [the setting sun, the west].
occīdō (1) -cīdere -cīdī -cīsum
[to strike down , beat to the ground; to kill, slay; to plague to death, torment].
[once , a single time; for the first time; once for all]; indef., [once, ever, at any time].
dormiō –īre –īvī –ītum
[to sleep; to rest , be inactive].
deinde and abbrev. dein
of space ,[from that place]; of time, [thereafter, thereupon, then, afterwards]; in enumerations, [next, and then].
[a hundred]; also [any indefinitely large number].
turba -ae f
[tumult , disturbance]; hence [a mob, throng, crowd].
invideō -vidēre -vīdī -vīsum
[to envy , grudge, be envious of]. Hence partic. invisus -a -um: pass. [hated]; act. [hostile].
bāsium -ī n.
[a kiss].
bāsiō -āre
[to kiss].