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ōtium, –ī, n.
free time , leisure, ease; peace, repose
odium, –ī n.
hatred; an object of hatred
scortum -i n.
a harlot , prostitute
“chippy, little bimbo”
incidō -cidere -cidī -cāsum
to fall in or upon; to fall in with
sermō -ōnis m.
talk , conversation; discussion; common talk, report, rumor; a subject of conversation; a conversational style, or prose; any manner of speaking, style, expression, diction, language, dialect
prōsum prodesse profuī
to be useful , do good, benefit (with dat.)
aes aeris n.
copper ore , and the alloy of copper, bronze
ūnctus, a, um
oiled, greasy, resinous; fig = rich, sumptuous
unguentum -ī n.
salve , ointment, perfume
especially , chiefly
irrumator, irrumatoris m.
nāscor nāscī nātus (and gnatus) dep.
to be born; to come into existence , arise, be produced
illīc or illi
there , at that place; therein, in that matter
comparō, -āre, -āvī, -ātum
to prepare; to procure, purchase, get
cinaedus -ī m.
a wanton or shameless person
inquam inquis inquit etc.; perf. inquii
sodālis -is c.
a member of an association , esp. of a priesthood or a secret society
utrum . . . an
whether . . . or
ūtor ūtī ūsus dep.
to use , employ; to possess, enjoy
īnsulsus -a -um
unsalted , insipid; tasteless, foolish
licet licēre licuit or licitum est impers.
it is allowed, one can or may
frangō frangere frēgī frāctum
to break , break in pieces, shatter