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the amount of something people want to buy at certain prices
the amount of something people want to sell at certain prices
a town where railroad tracks begin or end
barbed wire
twisted wire with a sharp barb or point
What were vaqueros and what did southwestern farmers learn from them?
Vaqueros were Mexican cowhands and were skilled at herding cattle.
Why did cattle sell for a much higher price in the North and East than in Texas?
because the supply of cattle was lower in the North and East than in Texas
Why did cattle ranchers send their cattle to distant railheads?
Because they could get a higher price for their cattle in those distant markets.
What was the job of a cowhand?
They cared for a herded cattle on cattle drives. They spent 10-14 hours on horseback. They would ride slowly alongside the cattle to keep them together.They had to care for about 3000 longhorns.
What was a cattle drive, and how long did they take?
a cattle drive was the movement of cattle to railheads where cattle could be sold. They would move the cattle along trails that had grass and water available. They took weeks or months to complete.
What were conditions like for a cowhand on a cattle drive?
(be specific)
It was a dangerous job. If cattle would stampede or run away it was the cowhands job to race after the cattle. Cowhands slept on the ground wrapped in blankets. They took turns at night guarding the herd from animals and thieves.
What is a cattle stampede?
What caused them?
the entire herd of cattle are startled by lightning or sudden noises and begin to run away rapidly.
Who was Nat Love?
a famous African-American cowhand who wrote about his adventures on the trail.
What effect did the invention of barbed wire have on the cattle drives?
Barbed wire blocked off cattle trails so catte drives couldn't go past.
What were the reasons for the end of the cattle drive?
-barbed wire
-growth of railroads
-crowded ranges reducing the food available along the trail.
What was the Chisholm Trail?
One of the major cattle trails from 1860-1896