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Maryland Law regarding rates and filings applies to?
Property Insurance, Casualty insurance, and inland marine type coverage.
Maryland law regarding rates and filings does not apply to?
Reinsurance, Ocean Marine risks, insurance against loss of or damage to aircraft, title insurance, surety insurance, and so forth
In the making and filing of rates, due consideration must be given to?
past and prospective loss experience within and outside this state

catastrophic hazards

past and prospective expenses both countrywide and those applicable to this state

Underwriting profit


Investment income from unearned premium reserve and reserve losses

Dividends, savings or unabsorbed premium deposits allowed overturned by insurers to their policyholders

and all other relevant factors
Rates must not be?
Excessive, inadequate, or unfairly discrimatory.
What is redlining?
The term that states no rate may be based partially or entirely on geographic area itself, as opposed to risk considerations even though expressed in geographic terms.