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En face du..
Across from..
Ce que c'est bien!
Isn't it great!
C'est mortel!
Deathly boring!
En haut.
Ca me casse les pieds!
That's a royal pain in the neck!
Au fond.
Towards the back.
Ca m'embete!
That annoys me!
Qu'est-ce que c'est...!
That is so...!
Ca me branche!
I'm crazy about that!
Ca m'ennie a mourir!
That bores me to death!
Au premier etage.
On the second floor.
Pardon, vous savez ou se trouve...?
Excuse me, do you know where to find a...?
En bas.
Tu sais ou sont...?
Do you know where the... are?
Juste la, a cote de...
Right there, next to...
Par la, au bout du couloir
Over there, at the end of the hallway.
Au rez-de-chaussee.
On the ground floor.
Vous pourriez me dire ou il y a...?
Can you tell me where there is a...?
C'est...comme tout!
It's anything!
A l'entree de...
At the entrance to...