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I Extracellular Matrix
A. Overview
1. Structure
Organized meshwork of macromolecules surronding and underlying cells
1) Ground substances
2) Fibers
I Extracellular Matrix
A. Overview
2. Functions
Form, with water and other smalls molecules, the extracellular environment
II Ground Sustance
A. GAG's
GAGs are long. Unbranched polysaccharides
1) N-acetylglicosamine ou N-acetylgalactosamine is aways one of them.
2) GAGs are sulfataded and usually posses a uronic acid sugar, they have a strong negative charge
3) Are generally linket to core proteins
4) The attraction of active cátions, results in a heavily hydrated matrix (resists compression)
5) Ocupy large volumes of space
6) May be classified into four main groups
II Ground Sustance
B. Proteoglycans
Consist of a core proteins from with many GAGs extend. Shaped like a bttle brush
1) May attach to hyaluronic acid via they core proteins
2) Heterogeneity
3) Fynction. Act as binding sites for growth factor and other signaling molecules and confer unique attributes to the extracelllular matrix
II Ground Sustance
C. Glycoproteins
1. Fibronectin
2. Laminin
3. Entactin
4. Tenascin
5. Chondronectin
6. Osteonectin
III. Fibers
A. Collagen
Is the most abundant structural protein of the extracellular maytix; Exist in at least 20 molecular types
1) Asemply into fibrls in two event: intracellular and extracellular.
2) Synthesis of tipe IV collagen
3) Elastic fibers
a) elastin
b) Fibrillin