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Where's Daddy?
shiny shoes
every single
little pearly buttons
on her dress
with just her aunts
tugging away
off went
the eighth time
she grumbled
she mumbled
out of bags
the dinner dishes
pushed peas
your presents
cut the cake
I have
a pile of presents
Alex groaned
Alex fussed
she unwrapped
Looks scratchy.
googly eyes
pink slipper-socks
didn't care
under her breath
No way.
to go to bed
had ever seen
at the paper
getting hot
the most perfect
off the ribbons
He promised!
delicate little poles
right off
marched upstairs
He knew it.
just a wiggle
eating up
without stopping
on its side
she whispered
almost angry
out of her window
getting away
she hurried
he galloped
both eyes closed
all of the animals
with him
the pale light
slowed down
It was morning
the covers apart
under the bed
underneath the window