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Other than OK's 2 biggest cities, OKC and Tulsa, what was the other city to begin adding fluoride to the water?
Some counties add fluoride to ___ (which we don't do) to get fluoride levels up
The first US city to add fluoride to the water was
Grand Rapids, MI
1 liter of 1ppm contains how many mg of fluoride ion?
True or False, fluoride can be found naturally in things like fish, tea, and green vegetables
How much fluoride is needed in saliva to get beneficial effect?
.04 to .08 ppm
What are the three ways fluoride prevents caries?
inhibits bacteria, inhibits demineralization, enhances remineralization by creating a surface that is caries resistant (fluoroapatite)
True or False, fluoride varnish is only to be used within a dental office, not at home
What 5 things does degree of rsistance to decay depend on?
dental age of patient, concentration of fluoride, duration of exposure, frequency of application, delivery method (gell, varnish, foam, etc.)
In the body, fluoride can be absorbed into the plasma from where?
the gut
What are two places fluoride is deposited in the body?
bone and teeth
True or False, fluoride cannot be excreted in urine
False. Can be excreted in urine, feces, and sweat
About how many grams of fluoride are in the human body?
2.6 grams
Most of our fluoride is in what body structure?
True or False, fluoride does not transfer from mother to embryo
false, it does
True or False, fluoride is an essential trace element
A single large ingestion of fluoride is (acute, chronic) ingestion
How quickly can excess fluoride symptoms appear? How long do they last?
at about 30 minutes, 24 hours
In the GI tract, fluoride combines with HCl acid to form what?
hydrofluoric acid
In the blood, what does fluoride combine with?
When fluoride combines with calcium in the blood, what condition results?
hypocalcemia (muscle spasms)
True or False, fluoride in the nervous system can cause paresthesais
True (this is loss of sensation and numbness)
What is the range, in mg/kg of body weight, where fluoride is lethal in an acute dose?
32 to 64 mg of fluoride per kg of weight
CLD is an abbreviation for what in terms of fluoride intake?
certain lethal dose
the certain lethal dose (CLD) of fluoride for an adult is ??g and a child is ??g
5-10g, .5-10g
How many grams are in 1 teaspoon?
4, there are 4 grams in 1 teaspoon
What does STD stand for?
safely tolerated dose
The STD is typically (one half, one fourth, one eighth, the same as) the CLD
one fourth
Maximum 1 time dosage that can be prescribed is ???mg NaF
264mg (ends up at 120mg of fluoride ion)
What are 2 liquids that will bind fluoride in an overdose?
milk and lime water (CaOH2)
Dental fluorosis is (hypo, hyper)mineralization of enamel resulting from excess fluoride
True or False, fluorosis results from excess topical fluoride
False, excess ingested fluoride!
True or False, diet drinks are ok because they don't have acid
false, they DO have acid!
Which acid in soda adds a sharper flavor and is linked to decreased levels of bone density?
phosphoric acid
True or False, Fluoride Needs Assessment Forms can help educate a patient on fluoride treatment
How much enamel is typically removed in a prophy paste treatement?
3 to 4 microns
True or False, prophy paste is considered a good fluoride treatement
False, it has fluoride but is not a good treatment
Generally how long should a fluoride treatment be left in?
4 minutes
The highest in home concentration of fluoride you can get is ????ppm
What are the 3 types of fluoride?
Acidulated phosphate Fluoride (APF), Neutral sodium fluoride (NaF), Stannous Fluoride (SnF2)
What is te benefit of using acidulated fluoride?
It etches the enamel a bit so the fluoride is taken up easily
Between acidulated fluoride and sodium fluoride, which is taken up more rapidly?
acidulated (APF)
What is the main downside to acidulated fluoride with someone who has restorations?
It can damage the restorations
True or False, Sodium fluoride shows no adverse effects to intraoral restorations
True or False, sodium fluoride is best option for patients with restorations
Which of the 3 fluoride treatments is best for those who are very caries prone?
acidulated (APF)
In the acidulated (APF) fluoride, the (gel, foam) is think and has high retention
True or False, fluoride treatment is to be done before coronal polishing
which of the 3 types of fluoride are not available in toothpase?
APF (acidulated)
Between SnF2 and NaF, which is typically weaker in terms of fluoride ppm?
True or False, NaF poses no stain risk
True. (SnF2 however, can stain)
What is the critical pH for demineralization of roots?
Which has greater fluoride uptake, root or enamel surface?
What two physical components need to be present to remineralize root caries?
topical fluoride, salivary minerals
By age 45, ??% have root caries. By age 64, ??%.
33, 59
What percent of root caries can be arrested by use of fluoride?
91% (damn son…)
Fluoride varnish safely delivers what concentration of fluoride?
When would a saliva substitute be needed on a patient?
When their salivation is down because of radiation or cancer
Use of topical fluoride along can reduce caries by what % in kids?
30 to 40%
What percent of ortho patients develop demineralized areas?
Office and home fluoride use in combination is a good 1-2 punch, why?
office gives a huge loading dose and home treatment maintains high levels of F