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For most words, simply add an -s to the end of the word.
For words ending in -s,-z,-ch,-sh add an
-ex to the end of the word
For words ending in -y which are preceded by a consonant,
change the -y to and I and add -es.
For words ending in -um
change the -um to an -a.
For words that end in a -a,
add an -e. ** see exception for -oma/-gma
For words ending in -us
replace the -us with a single -i. Exceptions: plexus/plexus; viscus/viscera;crus/crura; corpus/corpora
For words ending in -en
change the -en to -ina
For words ending in -is
change the -i to an -e. Exceptions: arthritis/arthritides; cuspis/cuspides; iris/irides
In words ending in either -ex or ix
the ending is replaced with -ices.
For words ending in -oma or -gma
add the letters ta
In words ending x (except -ex;-ix or -nx)
replace the -x with -ces.
In words ending with -nx
replace the -x with -ges