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The paid and unpaid work you do during your lifetime.
Paid position at a specific place or setting.
Name given to a group of similar tasks or duties of a specific occupation.
Career Guidance
Assisting students in career planning and decision making.
Overqualified for the job performed.
Training Plan
Description of knowledge, attitudes, and skills to be developed by the student participating in a work experience education program.
Training Agreement
Signed agreement outlining the relationships of the parties involved in a work experience education program.
Occupational Skills
Skills needed to perform tasks or duties of a specific occupation.
Activity directed toward a purpose or goal that produces something of value to oneself and/or to society.
Employability Skills
General work habits and attitudes required in all jobs.
Training Station
Work experience student's place of employment.
Work Experience Education
Education programs designed to provide opportunities for students to explore or participate in work as an extension of the regular school environment.