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all the activities leading to the occupations in which one engages,
time extende working out of a purposeful life pattern through work undertaken by the person
career pattern
the sequence and duration of occupations in the life span of an indvidual
career path
a series of jobs available in some occupational or specialized work area ordinarily connoting possibilites for advancement (moving up the latter)
career development
the life-long process of developing work values, crystallizing a vocational identity, learning about opportunities, and trying out plans in part time, recreational, and full time work situations.
purposeful mental, physical or combined mental physical activity that produces something of economic value or provides an alternative or substitute for economci value
definable work activity that occurs in many different settings
a group of similar positions in business, industry, or other places of employment
a group of activities, tasks or duties performed by one person for one company/organization
career intervention
any activity (treatment of effort) designed to enhance a person's career development or to enable that person to make more effective career decisions
career guidance
an organized programto help people develop self understanding, learn about the world of work, gain experience that will help in the decision making and finding jobs proccesses
career counseling
a service provided to a single client or group of clients who come seeking assistance with career choice
career education
a systematic attemp to influence the career development of students and adults through various types of educational strategies
career coaching
the term used in business and industry to signify managers’ efforts to facilitate the career development of other employees
Career information
also referred to as Labor Market Information (LMI); the data used to make decisions throughout the career development process
Career management
a personal state of actively and consciously participating in shaping one’s career and accepting responsibility for the activities and choices made toward those ends
Career awareness
the inventory of knowledge, values, preferences and self-concepts that an individual draws on in the course of making career-related decisions/choices
Career maturity
repertoire of behaviors that are pertinent to identifying, choosing, planning, and executing career goals available to a specific individual as compared with those possessed by an appropriate peer group
the systematic process in which various data are utilized and analyzed according to explicit procedures and outcomes are evaluated in terms of desirability
for career information suggests that clients have realistic expectations, are free of faulty beliefs that interfere with rational decision making, have learned how to effectively process career information, and have a fairly accurate perception of self
periods of time in which the individual engages in activities or pursuits chosen freely without constraints of any kind