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What means does the Navy use to help new Sailors set and achieve goals while in the
Goal Card Program
Some areas covered by the Pocket Goal Card
a. DEP goals
b. Navy core values
c. Recruit training goals
d. The Sailor’s Creed
e. Fleet goals
f. Personal priorities (including education)
g. There is also space for Sailors to write their
own goals
The permanent board members of the Professional Development Board include the—
a. Command Master Chief
b. Command Career Counselor
c. Personnel Officer
d. Educational Service Officer
The Professional Development Board interviews Sailors who want
advancement training or who want to attend special
A designated striker is a?
person in paygrades E-1, E-2, or E-3 who has been designated as technically qualified for a particular rating.
is a military requirement that
deals with all enlisted personnel, while an
is an occupational requirement that is rate specific.
The three requirements you need to meet to be
advanced to E-3 are—
a. Time in rate
b. The CO’s recommendation
c. Complete Basic Military Requirements, NAVEDTRA 12018
To be advanced to petty officer, you must meet
the following requirements:
a. Time in rate
b. Demonstrate knowledge of material in your TRAMAN
c. CO’s recommendation
To let your detailer know what duty station you
want, you should submit
Enlisted Duty Preference Form, NAVPERS 1306/63.
Page 1 of your service record contains your
enlisted contract
Your evaluations are kept in
the left-hand side of your service record, underneath the
Record of Emergency Data form is what of your service record.
Page 2
contains the following information:
a. NECs; designators, assigned, changed, or
b. Navy schools attended
c. Navy training courses completed
d. Personal qualifications; technical
e. GED and off-duty courses completed
f. Decoration and awards
Page 4
You can find a list of command personnel that
has signature authority to sign command correspondence in your
unit’s organizational
manual or instruction
PQSis divided into three sections that include—
a. Fundamentals
b. Systems
c. Watch stations
offers Sailors a chance to earn a high school diploma or improve their skills and military performance.
Basic Skills Program
is the Navy’s financial program that helps Sailors with their off-duty education
Tuition Assistance Program
offers examinations and
certification programs, operates an independent study support system, and provides other support and development
The Secretary of the Navy can appoint the following enlisted personnel to the Naval Academy:
85 RegularNavy or Regular Marine Corps
85 Naval or Marine Corps Reserve (active or inactive)
The maximum time allowed to attend college on the NROTC program is
40 months.
was intended for Sailors
who meet all the requirements for the Naval Academy or NROTC program except for
academics and people who have been educationally deprived
BOOST program
The major requirement to be eligible for the
Enlisted Commissioning Program is the candidate must be able to complete a
baccalaureate degree within 2 years.
When getting out of the Navy with less than 8 years of service, you are
separated from naval
service instead of discharged
Some advantages of having an honorable discharge from the Navy include—
a. Entitlements to various veterans’ benefits
and rights
b. Job preferences
c. Entry into a school or college
provides undergraduate
courses from accredited colleges or universities to
shipboard personnel
Program for Afloat
College Education (PACE)
Which of the following does the NEC NOT identify?
1. Skills that are not rating-wide
2. Special knowledge and skills not provided by rate and rating
3. Special skills and knowledge required for a specific billet
4. Special skills obtained through OJT
4. Special skills obtained through OJT
What is the main purpose of the Petty Officer
Quality Control Program?
1. To ensure that only top-performing petty officers reenlist
2. To identify career petty officers with performance or behavior deficiencies
3. To screen the service records of all petty officers
4. To recommend petty officers for collateral assignments
(2) The Petty Officer quality Control Program is an effort by the Navy to ensure that those personnel with problems that effect the Navy adversely are counseled and given help to resolve those problems.
What is the maximum length of service allowed for an applicant to the Chief Warrant
Officer Program?
1. 12 years
2. 16 years
3. 20 years
4. 24 years
(4) Applicants for CWO must have completed at least 12 years but not more than 24 years of service on 16 January of the year in which application is made
Limited duty officer must have completed at least what, but not more than what, of active service on 16
January of the year in which application is made
12 years
24 years
OPNAV 1414.1
Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Qualification
OPNAV 1414.2
Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist Qualification Program
Which of the following personnel is/are allowed to make entries in your service
1. Immediate supervisor
2. Yourself
3. Authorized personnel
4. Department head
(3) Service record entries are made by those personnel who are given such authority by the commanding officer.
NAVPERS 1070/602, commonly
known as
page 2
NAVPERS 1070/604
When you reenlist, a new NAVPERS 1070/604 is
prepared for the Field Service Record. A copy of all
previously completed page 4s will be maintained in the
Field Service Record (right side). All originals are
forwarded to the Bureau of Naval Personnel for
inclusion in your permanent service record.
Early Retirement Authority (TERA) message for an
early retirement after 15 years of service
will be transferred to the retired list
After you have
completed 30 years of service (which includes active-duty and Fleet Reserve time combined).
As a retired member with 30 years of service
you may be ordered to active duty by which
of the following personnel?
1. Chief of Naval Operations
2. Vice President of the United States
3. Secretary of the Navy
4. Vice Chief of Naval Operations
(3) A retired member with 30 years of service
may be ordered to active duty without his or her consent only by the Secretary of the Navy.
NAVPERS 15878J (Rev 10-03)
Career Counselor Handbook
How often department and division career counselor
Per OPNAVINST 1040.11A, the CO should chair a command
CDT meeting at least
Assigns a counselor for every
30 Sailors
is the key ingredient to a successful Career Development Program and is necessary to assist in providing adequate and accurate career information to our Sailors
Zone A –
0 to 6 years
Zone B –
>6 to 10 years
Zone C –
>10 to 14 years
Zone D –
>14 to 20 years
Zone E –
>20 years
Permanent command level CDB members include
Education Service Officer(ESO)
Command level CDB will see first enlistment Sailors within
30 days of reporting
Command Sponsor and Indoctrination Program
will provide Sailors greater
opportunities for career growth and success. will also
improve combat readiness by providing the right Sailor, at the right time, with right skills, in the right job.