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How long do you maintain the minutes from every CDB?
2 years
A command level CDB is required for a Sailor who has PNA’d an exam how many times?
3 times
A command level CDB is required for a Sailor who has a standard exam score of?
40 or below
When shall a CDB be conducted for a Sailor who is approaching HYT? (High year tenure)
24 months
Department level CDBs will see all Sailors on second or subsequent enlistment within how many days of reporting?
60 days
When should a sponsor be assigned?
within 5 days of recipt of orders
Command level CDB sees first enlistment saliors when?
within 30 days of reporting
What was developed to provide specific topics and guidance for each cdb?
Career development plan.
What helps assist sailors in goals and milestones amd allows them to chart a roadmap of success?
Career development plan
What should you attain before you hold a CDB?
Service Record