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The world of work changes.......
All the time
A company's economic pressures may come from........
the workers, the consumers, limited supplies of natural resources(all of the above)
Variations in work time may be related to.........
the kind of service offered, the demand for a product, cganges in seasons(all of the above)
Everything you see around you is linked to......
some kind of job
Most people your age
are unsure about their future in the working world
An important reason for working is..........
to gain an identity, to be useful, to be with others(all of the above)
How many people get lucky and just stumble into wonderful jobs?
very few people
Of the people who will work in the years to come, how many need to know about computers?
all the workers
How long do most people spend in the work force?
an average of 40 years
Why do people work?
People have different reasons for working
Equal Employment Opprotunity Act
a law that prohibits companies and businesses from discriminating because of race, color, religion, sex, or national orgin
By the year 2000, the percentage of all women who will be working outside the home is expected to be
70 %
the use of ideas, processes, tools, and materials to get things done
Which of the following statements about careers is true?
A career does not have to last for an entire work life
full time
a schedule of 40 hours a week
Which of the following is an example of social change?
Most young people married couples now find it is necessary for both the man and woman to work outside the home.
a certain kind of work
in general, the study of money and its uses
the way we see ourselves in our minds and the way we think others see us
time spent in one type of job or area of interest