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What is homeostasis?
stable internal environment
Advantages of Asexual Reporduction?
fast and no mate required
Disadvantages of asexual reproduction?
no variety
Advantages of sexual reproduction?
disadvantages of sexual reproduction?
requires a mate and slower
What is a case study?
tells a subject's story
What is the benefit of a case study?
indepth information
What are the limitations of a case study?
not applicable to larger population and depends on honesty
What is a genogram?
graphic description of relationships within a family
What is an enabler?
covers up for addict
what is a hero?
highly responsible
what is the clown?
very social to distract from pain
What is the lost child?
invisible or hides
what is the scapegoat?
acts out family issues
What are qualitative questions?
open ended questions
What are quantitative questions?
scaled, true or flase, multiple choice
what are the benefits of a survey?
large amount of people quickly or large amount of data
What are the limitations of a survey?
typically not indepth answers
subjects may not understand the question
Lewin Types of Authority
What was Asch's experiment
line study
what was Stanley Milgram's experiment
Effects of authority on behavior made to believe the person was being hurt or killed
What was Zimbardo's Experiment
randomly selected to be jailors or prisoners
London-New York
All counselors have different opinions. London=schizo low
New York=schizo high
What is validity
the the conclusions apprpriate....
what is reliability?
consistancey of data
what is Caloric Theory?
Heat is a substance
what is Kinetic Theory?
heat is not a substance, but as a motion of the heated body
What is in the abstract?
number of subjects
brief description of methods
what is in the introduction?
literature review
basic background information
what is in the methods?
subject information
what is in the results?
tables and graphs
analyze data
what is in the conclusion?
whether it is supported
limitations or recommendations
relate back to literature review
Honesty: have to worry about people lying to you?
limitation of social science
complexity of the human mind: emotional state, behaviors, and habits?
limitation of social science
bias from the person counseling: putting their views into play?
limitation of social science
WHat was the disagreement between the Catholic church and Early Modern Sciencetists?
whether the sun revolved around the earth or vice versa
what is generality?
the property of being applicable to the widest possible variety of phenomena
what is seeing?
seeing is a learned phenomenon
What did Semmelwies do?
told the doctors to wash their hands before and after ever patient
What did Newton Do?
discovered laws of motion
What biblical Passage fits General revelation?
Romans 1:20: men are without an excuse for we can clearly see what God has made
What biblical Passage fits special creation?
1 Timothy 3:16: There is no mystery that there is a God because he appeared and seen by the angels
What was Darwin's survival of the fittest?
that all organisms distribute changes from a common ancestor, which supported the theory of evolution almost conclusively
What was Darwins's common descant?
natural selection
what is spontatneous Generation
Life came out of non-life
what is special creation
christian views of creation
what is chemical evolution
life originated through purely chemical transformations of nonliving matter.
what is Panspermia
life exists and is distributed throughout the universe
what is artificially aquired active?
What is naturally aquired active?
develops from exposure to an infectious agent
What is artificially aquired passive?
acquiring maternal antibodies
what is naturally acquired passive?
Breast Milk
what is science
process of testing claims
what is pseudoscience
claims that cannot be tested
What is uniformity
assumptions about the universe
What is knowable
humans are able to study the world and make sense out of it
What is causlity?
the unverse must have causes
what is a dependent variable
what is measured
what is an independent variable
what is varied
what is a controlled variable
variables that are held constant to elimate the possibility that other factors are affecting the outcome
What is inductive reasoning?
the drawing of a conclusion from a number of known facts or pieces of knowledge
What is deductive reasoning?
reasoning from the general to the particular
What are the limitations of Science?
conducted by biased human beings
Can't provide proof
What is Fallacy?
Mistakes in reasoning