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L common cardinal vein
Oblique vein of LA
R Ant. cardinal Vein + R common cardinal vein
R Post Cardinal vein
Azygous Vein
Foramen Ovale
Fossa Ovalis
Conus Cordis
Outflow tract of ventricle
Membranous portion of IV septum is made up of?
L Bulbar Ridge
R Bulbar Ridge
AV Septum
L Ant cardinal vein + R Ant Cardinal vein
L Brachiocephalic Vein
R Sinus Horn
Posterior wall of primitive atrium (common atrium)
Pulmonary Veins
Smooth part of LA
R Horn of Sinus Venosus
Sinus Venarum
Which veins regress?
Left side:
1) L Posterior Cardinal
2) L Umbilical Vein
Right side:
1) R Umbilical Vein
2) R Posterior Cardinal
Valve of IVC and valve of coronary sinus
Right Venous Valve
R Vitelline Vein
Hepatic Vein
Portal veins
L Vitelline Vein
L + R Vitelline Vein
Proximal part of IVC and Hepatic Vein
Portal veins
R Sinus Venosus
L Sinus Venosus
R - SVC, IVC, Smooth part of RA
L - Coronary sinus, oblique vein of LA