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most common congenital cyanotic lesion in newborn
immediately vs later
tetralogy of Fallow (later)

transposition great arteries
cyanotic newborn or 2 week
heart failure
supracardiac shadow above enlarged heart increased pumonary blod flow (snowman snowstorm)
right heart enlargement
total anomalous pulmonary venous return
straight narrow mediastium
globular heart (egg on string)
transposition great arteries
severe cyanosis
heart failure once ductus closes
gray-blue color
right side predominacne
hypoplastic left heart
In truncus arteriosis
comon trunk supplying pumonary and systemic circulations. Ventricular septal defect.
Loud systolic murmor with thrill
mild cyanosis.
Severe heart failure.
tricupsid atresia
right bentical hypoplasia
no tricuspid valve
usually persistent foramen ovale or atrial sptal defect
cyanotic and quite ill
severe reduction in pumonary blood flow on xray and left axis instead of right.
Innocent murmurs
age 3 to 7
time increase cardiac output
soft vibratory or musical systolic ejections murmurp at left lower midsternal boards <2/6 intensity
tall symmetric peaked T wabes
Hyper K
Widdening of QRS complex
hyper K
prologation of P waves
hyper K
Increased U wave
Hypo K
ST segement depression and
T wave amplitude decreased
Hypo K
Swelling of face after taking captopril or enalapril
angioedema from angiotensin receptor blockers / ACE I (avaoid prils and valsartan)
Premature atrial contraction
occurs 78% healthy male aviators
if symptomatic- b-blocker
toxicity:seqisures, hypotension, arrhythimas
dimethylxanthine for COPD
headache dryness pumonary symptoms
Atrovent for COPD
livedo reticularis (lacy erythematous rash) peripheral ischemia (blue toes) eosinophillia
post coronary catheterization
Suggestive of cholesterol emboli
Causes of renal failure
post coronary cath
cholesterol embolization (blue toes)
contarast nephropathy
coxsackie virus B and pregnancy
mom ill, baby much more ill,
mechanical ventilation, shock hypotensionh, cardiogenic with ST- ECG
Parvovirs and pregnancy
5ths disease and
hydrops early in pregnancy
infection, toxins, granulmatous diesease.
febril, coxsackie,
ST wave abn
Hepatic transaminas elevated
cardiomegaly with pulmonary edema
Echo instead of ECG when
Left bundle branch block old
previous MI
Murmors best heard on expiration
left sided