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displaced PMI, S3 gallop
systolic dysfunction
sustained PMI, S4 gallop
diastolic dysfunction
widened pulse pressure, laterally displaced PMI
aortic regurgitation
mid-diastolic rumble with opening snap at apex
mitral stenosis
high-pitched, blowing diastolic murmur at left sternal border, Austin-Flint-low-pitched, mid-diastolic rumble
aortic regurgitation
right ventricular heave
mitral stenosis
high-pitched, holosystolic murmur at apex that radiates to axilla
mitral regurgitation
late systolic murmur with midsystolic click
mitral valve prolapse
laterally displaced PMI with LV heave
mitral regurgitation
constant, machine-like murmur at upper left sternal border
treatment for PDA
close with indomethacin (or surgery), keep open with prostaglandin E1
holosystolic murmur next to sternum
treatment for VSD
most cases resolve on their own
congenital heart defect associated with congenital rubella and high altitudes
most common congenital heart defect
asymptomatic until adulthood; then fixed, split S2 and palpitations
treatment for ASD
most don't need correction unless very large
findings in Tetralogy of Fallot
VSD, RVH, pulmonnary stenosis, overriding aorta
what type of ASD is most common?
what is the most common cyanotic congenital heart defect
tetralogy of fallot
where is oxygen content the highest in fetal circulation?
umbilical vein; higher in blood going to upper extremities than lower
what should you thin of when you see a VSD?
TORCH, Down's syndrome
prolonged test in hemophilia A
prolonged test in hemophilia B
prolonged in vWF deficiency
bleeding time and PTT
prolonged in vitamin K deficiency
PT, slight PTT
prolonged in DIC
PT, PTT, and bleeding time
low levels of factor VIII
hemophilia A
low levels of factor IX
hemophilia B
how is von willebrand's inherited
autosomal dominant
is superficial thrombophlebitis a risk factor for PE?
how do you follow heparin?
how do you follow warfarin?
how do you reverse heparin?
how do you reverse warfarin?
vitamin K/FFP
how do you follow LMW heparin?
anti-factor Xa assay (not typically tested)
how do you reverse aspirin?
platelet transfusion
what does aspirin prolong?
bleeding time
long-term treatment for Prinzmetal's angina?
calcium cannel blockers
post-op patient with JVD and new RBBB?
what happens to the RV in an infarct?
decreased compliance
in what diseases are beta blockers contraindicated?
asthma, COPD, depression, bradycardia, 2/3 heart blcok, Raynaud's, diabetics prone to hypoglycemia
what enzyme is most useful in diagnosing recurrent MI?
what drug should you administer first in the case of suspected coronary event?
how are CO and PCWP affected in cardiogenic shock
CO decreased
PCWP increased
what vessel is most likely occluded in an inferior wall MI?
what vessel is most likely occluded in an anterior wall MI?
cause of descending aortic aneurysm in young male?
blunt trauma to chest
what tests do you use if you suspect aortic dissection?
rheumatic heart disease is most related to what valvular lesion?
mitral stenosis
what is the most frequent cause of endocarditis in IV drug users?
s. aureus
what med is used for isolated LV systolic dysfunction?
B blockers
what class of drugs decreases mortality in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy?
treatment for vtach without hemodynamic compromise?
treratment for vtach with hemodynamic compromise?
what is the most common cause of death in patients with acute MI?
reentrat ventricular arrhythmia (vfib)
what can help to slow the progression of mitral stenosis in adolescents with rheumatic heart disease
penicillin prophylaxis
how long should you wait after taking sildenafil to administer nitrates?
24 hours
increased PCWP
cardiogenic shock
treatment for sick sinus syndrome
ventricular pacer
treatment for complete heart block