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list structures in carotid sheath and orientation
lateral: internal jugular vein. medial: common carotid artery, vagus nerve (posterior)
what artery supplies the SA and AV
what does right dominant mean?
posterior descending (supplies inferior left ventricle) comes out of RCA
where is the most common artery occlusion
where does LAD run
anterior interventricular septum
when do coronary arteries fill?
what is a complication of left atrium enlargement?
what is the most anterior part of the heart
right ventricle
part of heart most on right
right atrium
part of heart most on left
left ventricle
posterior of heart
left atrium
formula for pick's principle
CO = (rate of oxygen consumption)/(arterial O2 content - venous O2 content)
mean arterial pressure formula
cardiac output x TPR
cardiac output formula
co = HR x SV
how to calculate MAP (BP) from systolic and diastolic pressures
map = 1/3 systolic + 2/3 diastolic
how do you calculate pulse pressure?
systolic pressure - diastolic pressure
what is pulse pressure a rough approximation of?
stroke volume
calculate stroke volume
what 3 factors alter stroke volume?
contractility, afterload, preload