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Nursing Diagnoses for Hypertension
Knowledge deficit r/t diet, meds, etc.
Alteration in CO r/t
Alteration in tissue perfusion
High risk for fluid & electrolyte imbalance r/t
Anxiety r/t
Risk for injury r/t
Risk for complications r/t
Risk for exacerbation of ^ BP r/t
Sexual dysfunction r/t side effects of HTN meds.
Nursing Diagnoses for Coronary artery Disease
Alteration in comfort, chest pain r/t
Decreased cardiac output r/t
Activity intilerance r/t
Anxiety r/t
Knowledge deficit of .... r/t

Tx goal= prevention and control of pain.
Nursing Diagnoses for MI
Chest pain r/t
Decreased CO r/t
Acute anxiety r/t
high risk for arrythmias r/t
Activity intolerance r/t
Alteration in tissue perfusion r/t
Alteration in Nutrition r/t
Social isolation r/t
Sensory overload r/t
Sleep deprivation r/t
Nursing Diagnoses for Heart Failure
Alteration in CO r/t contractility of heart muscle.
Impaired gas exchange r/t
Fluid volume excess r/t
Activity intolerance r/t
Alteration in tissue perfusion r/t decreased CO.
Self care deficit r/t
Anxiety r/t
Risk for digoxin toxicity r/t
Risk for fluid electrolyte imbalance r/t
Potential for complications r/t
Nursing Diagnoses for Pulmonary Edema
Fluid volume excess r/t underlying CV disease
Ineffective breathing pattern r/t
Ineffective airway clearance r/t
Impaired gas exchange r/t
Activity intolerance r/t
Fatigue r/t
Anxiety r/t
Alteration in thought process r/t
Risk for arrythmias r/t
Risk for bronchopulmonary infection r/t
Nursing Diagnoses for Periphral Vascular Disease (PVD)
Alteration in tissue perfusion r/t
Pain r/t
High risk for injury r/t
High risk for injury; bleeding r/t