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List some causes for left-sided heart failure:
*Valvular disease
*Coronary Artery Disease
What are some of the symptoms of Left-Sided Heart Failure?
*Decreased tissue perfusion
*Pulmonary congestion
*Shortness of breath
What characterizes systolic heart failure?
The heart is unable to contract with adequate force
What characterizes diastolic heart failure?
The ventricles are unable to fill adequately during rest; primarily seen in the elderly and post-MI women
What is oliguria?
Inadequate urination (less than 400 ml/day)
List some of the manifestations of right-sided heart failure:
*Peripheral edema
*Increased blood pressure
*Liver engorgement/ascites
*Hepato-jugular reflux
*Diuresis at rest
*Dependent edema
*Weight gain
What is the "hallmark sign" of right-sided heart failure?
Hepato-jugular reflux
Which of the following usually presents with more edema: left or right-sided heart failure?
Right-sided heart failure
What is the cause of high-output failure?
*Heart is "worn out"
*Increased metabolic needs (septicemia, anemia, hyperthyroid, etc.)