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Anti-platelet effects, decreased CRP levels,
All OTC, PO 81-325 mg.
GI upset/bleed, prolonged bld time anaphylaxis
Enteric Coated Aspirin
Platelet aggregation inhibitor, (30 days after cardiac intervention.)
Bleeding GI up/ulcer bruising, rash
Inhibit the beta receptors of SNS/Prevent catacholamines from stim. beta receptors d/c HR, BP+force of contraction
fatigue, weak, leth, bradyc.HF
sens.cold, bronchospasm dc sex
Beta Blockers
Inhibits Ca ion influx thru slow chan.into cells of myocardia/arterial smooth muscle
Slow remodeling of heart, dc BP, afterload, slow SA & AV node conduction
Dizzines, HA Brady, Diarrhea
Calcium Channel Blockers
Dilates VEINS, arterioles, coronary arteries
dc preload, afterload Ic o2 supply to heart, prevention/relief of angina
flushing,HA tingling, reflex tachyc.tolerance
block angioconverting enzyme and prevent the formation of angiotension II powerful vasoconstrictor.
d.c. workload of heart
Dry cough, orthostatic hypoten. HA GI up. hyperkalemia angioedema.
ACE Inhibitors
lipid lowering agents
d.c. cholesterol synthesis by inhibit protien enzymes needed to make in liver. may reverse athersoscherlosis by dc chol buildup/stabilizing plaque to keep frm rupturing.
Rhabdomyolysis, myopathy HA GI upset liver & renal dysfuction.
Antihyperlipidemics/ Antilipemics