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Name some common causes of increased CK (total).
myocardial disease and injury, skeletal muscle disease and injury, hypothyroidism, malignant hyperthermia, prolonged hypothermia, cerebral injury, psycosis
Myoglobin is rapidly released but not a cardiac damage specific marker. What is the normal range? Time course?
Myoglobin (myo): males, 28-72 ng/mL; females, 25-58 ng/mL. Time to begin increasing 2-4 h; time to peak 5-12 h; return to normal 1-2 days
TnT does not equal TnI but both are specific cardiac damgage markers. What is the normal range for TnT? Time course for TnT?
Troponin T (cTnT): <0.03 ng/mL Time to increase 3-6 h; time to peak 12-28 h; return to normal ~2 weeks
What is the normal range for TnI? Time course for TnI?
Troponin I (cTnI): <0.1 ng/mL. Time to increase 3-6 h; time to peak 12-24 h; return to normal ~ 2weeks
Creatine Kinase (CK) total measures the 3 isozymes catalytic activity but is not cardiac specific. What is the normal range of this marker? Time course?
CK (total): males, 70-185 U/L; females, 45-145 U/L. Time to increase 3-8 h; time to peak 12-36 h; return to normal 1-4 d.
Creatine Kinase - Myoglobin (mass) is a nonspecific marker. What is the normal range of this marker? Time course?
CK-MB: <6 ng/mL. Time to increase 3-12 h; time to peak 12-24 h; return to normal 1-2 d.
True/False - Troponin is specific marker and should not be detected in the serum of a cardiac healthy patient.
Name 3 ways in which Torponin I/T could be falsely positive or negative.
Hemolysis, Fibrin, Heterophile ABs
What are the physiologic effects of BNP secretion from ventricular myocytes stretch?
inhibition of SNS; vasodilation; diuresis
What is the role of NT-proBNP in clinical medicine?
As a measure of ventricular stretch useful in diagnosing and staging CHF; differentate SOB from cardiac and non cardiac etiologies
TDM, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, is important for many reasons. Why with digoxin or CCBs?
digoxin can cause nephrotoxicity and potassium dysfunction (Na/K ATPase); CCBs are metabolized by CYP450 isozyme CYP3A which is common polymorphism site.
True/False - Cocaine, Cocaine with EtOH, and Amphetamines can all cause cardiovascular incidents through increased SNS.