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What is the trade name for cholestyramine?
memory aid -
I Request a Cold drink in a Styrofoam cup
What does questran do?
Decreases LDL give mixed in applesauce or fluid - never dry
What are side effects of antilipemics?
All can cause liver disfunction, Headaches, gastric upset
What's the trade name for gemfibrozil?
Lopid (increases HDL) decreases triglycerides
memory aid
fiber decreases bad lipids
What is the trade name for lovastatin?
memory aid
Melva Loves Satin.
What's the trade name for simvastatin?
Zocor - antilipemic
memory aid
Zorro video is at Sam Ash
What's the trade name for atorvastatin?
memory aid-
A torn dress with a vast stain? Rip it Up!
What drugs can cause rhabdomyolosis (kidney disease)
Statin drugs
Blood dyscrasias can be caused by
Mevacor (lovastatin)
What do you always check on antilipemics?
Liver disease
With antilipemic drugs, what do you tell pt to report?
GI symptoms, jaundice, sore throat, fever/chills, muscle weakness
How are KCL supplements ordered?
As mEq (milli equivalents)
Name two KCL supplements.
What do you check with KCL supplements?
Ck K+ level (3.5 - 5.0 is normal)
Nursing intervention for KCL supplements
Dilute liquid and tabs in orange juice or H20 6-8 Oz