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Chest Pain meds/doses/steps
Aspirin 324mg
O2-nasal or NRB
what drug do we give for Bradycardic/Blocks/idioventricualar
Atropine .5mg, TCP if symptomatic (consider versed 2mg first). If pt. remains symptomatic Dopamine 2-10 mcg/kg/min
what are the considerations/steps for stable SVT
STABLE: Adenocard 6mg rapid IV w/ 10ml NS flush. No response followed by 12mg Adencoard X2
What about unstable SVT
Initial Medical Care
Versed 2mg
Cardioversion @100 J
If no response Cardioversion (200,300,360)
what drug do we give for V-tach w/ pulse and Pt. stable
Lidocaine 1mg/kg IV/IO
what do we do if V-tach w/ pulse presists or PVCs present after initial Lidocaine dose?
Rebolus w/ Lidocaine .5 mg/kg q 3 minutes up to 3mg/kg
What do we do if v-tach w/ pulse is unstable?
intial medical care
sedate versed 2mg increments
Cardioversion + Lidocaine 1mg/kg
assess pulse/rhythm after each cardioversion
Anytime VT converts to s SVT rythm, give what ?
Lidocaine 1mg/kg IV/IO
Rebolus after 10 minutes .5mg/kg
what are the first 7 steps for v-fib/pulseless v-tach?
1)verify pulseless
2)thumb if witness
3) CPR until defib
4) Shock
5)resume CPR 2 minutes then recheck rythm/pulse
6) shock and check
7) CPR and intubate/IV or IO
what are the drug sequences for v-fib/pulseless vtach?
Epi 1:10,000 1mg/2mi CPR/Shock
Lido 1mg/kg/2mi CPR/Shock
Epi 1:10,000 1mg/2mi CPR/Shock
Lido 1mg/kg/2mi CPR/Shock
Epi 1:10,000 1mg/2mi CPR/Shock
Lido 1mg/kg/2mi CPR/Shock
What are the steps for Asystole?
1)Put pads on analyze
3) Intubate
4) Epi 1:10,000 mg repeat q 3
5) If asystole/brady Atropine 1mg rapid IV/IO repeat q3 max 3mg