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winner-take-all system
An election system in which the candidate with the most votes wins.
the number of registered voters that vote.
reinforcing cleavages
Divisions within society that reinforce one another, making groups more alike.
realigning election
An election proves to be a turning point, in politics and the alignment of voters within parties.
a grouping of people with distinct characteristics because of genetics.
public opinion
The way people of a certain group feel on an issue, candidate or institution .
proportional representation
An election where each party receives the proportion of government seats corresponding to its proportion votes.
political socialization
The process, in families and schools, where we develop our political attitudes, values .
political socialization
The process, in families and schools, where we develop our political values, and beliefs.
political predisposition
You character that predicts political behavior
political party
An organization that wants political power by electing people to office so that its positions become public policy.
political action committee PAC
Registered, special interest groups that can legally raise funds on a voluntary basis from members, stockholders, or employees in order to give to funds to candidates or parties.
Giving government jobs people who belong to the winning party
party registration
When you declare party affiliation; required by some states when one registers to vote.
party identification
An informal and agreement with a political party that most people get in childhood
party convention
Party delegates meet to vote on matters of policy and in some cases to select party candidates.
open shop
A company with a labor agreement but you don't have to be part of the union.
office block ballot
Ballot on which all candidates are listed under the office for which they are running making cross over easier.
nonpartisan election
A local judge election in which people are not selected by their party connection.
national party convention
A national meeting of delegates who assemble every four years to nominate president and vice president candidates, and ratify the party platform.
A group of people with a common idea, or concern that is of continuing significance who are willing to take action.
minor party
A small political party usually around one person. Also called a third party.
A person employed by organized special interest group or corporation to try to influence government decisions in the executive and legislative branch.
trying to influence public officials and policies.
Keynesian economics
John Maynard Keynes theory that government spending should increase during economic slumps and be curbed during booms.
issue advocacy
Promoting a particular position on an issue, paid for by interest groups but not candidates.
iron triangle
When special interest groups, congressional committees and government agencies form a common bond on an issue.
interest group
A group of people who share common interests and want to influence government for their own purposes.
Period at the beginning of a new President's term when the press and Congress are nice to him, usually lasting about six months.
gross domestic product GDP
The total goods and services of a nation.
gender gap
The difference between men and women's political behaviors.
free rider
A person who doesn't join the group but gets the benefits.
Federal Register
Official document, published every weekday, that lists the new regulations of regulatory agencies
Belief in the superiority of one's ethnic group.
Weakening of party preference moving to a rejection of major parties and a rise in the number of Independents.
cross-cutting cleavages
Divisions within society that cut across categories like rich or poor to produce groups that are more alike or different.
closed shop
A company with a labor agreement where you have to be part of the union in order to work for the company.
closed primary
Primary election closed off to only people in that party that is holding the electon.
A meeting of local party members to choose officials to decide the platform.
Political action committees collect contributions from individuals limited to $2000 each and present them to a candidate as a bundle, thus increasing their influence.